How to choose an engagement ring that suits your hand shape?

How to choose an engagement ring that suits your hand shape?

Are you in for an amazing experience of a lifetime? Did he propose already? If you are into any of these and similar times for now, well we are here to help you select the best of the best.We are going to share tips on how to choose an engagement ring that suits your hand shape?

If he has proposed already with the ‘yes’ ring setting then you have all the design space to curate your own engagement ring. How cool is that!

Anyway, let us get to the point. So we have discussed before already the importance of 4 C’s while getting into buying of diamonds- Cut, Clarity, Color and Cut. Here we shall be discussing about other points that you have to keep in mind before getting on with buying new engagement ring.

How to choose an engagement ring that suits your hand shape?

Let us talk about your hands, how much do you know about your hands? The back of your hand looks small or large to you. The shape and size of your hand directly affects the choice of rings that you should make. In expert comments, your engagement ring would be something that would adorn you for a very long time. You do not want it to be tarnished by getting into wrong structure and size, would you?

When you think of a wedding, there is one thing that is very important to you- the wedding dress. Now, many people make a very simple flaw! On your wedding day when you are looking all decked up with too much on you than on normal days- that day is not everyday. If you choose a heavy ring that looks awesome with your wedding dress, what if it runs heavy on the normal days?

Know your hands

Look closely at the shape, size and length of your hands and fingers. Analyse them and imagine all the ring types that you would want to look into for your hands. If you have the heart given to the stone, set the band right and that will change the way your rings look. One aspect of your choice is fair enough, but try and get the right shape and size that complements your hands and personality.

Engagement for short fingers

If you have short fingers, you will need something that makes your finger look long optically. It is advisable that you do not take a band that is too thick.
– Go for elongated diamond shapes like baguette or marquise; you can also look at oval diamonds or oval diamonds. Oval diamonds make your fingers proportionate.
– Go for narrower bands. It will help make your finger long optically. Too thick of a diamond band would make your fingers look bulky. It’s the same as putting ankle straps on small legs!

Engagement ring for Long and Slender Hands and finger

You already got the best by the beauty standards! As they say, the bigger the better. If you have long fingers and long hands, well any style would look nice on you. Still specifically,
– You will be able to pull off big and bold sizes in rings, so why not do it right? Princess cut diamonds and rounded stones will flatter your fingers the most.
– A wider band would totally rock the length
of your fingers. If you are going for big stones, Image Courtesy: Jewellery’s Website
make sure that your band is not too narrow. It will make your stone large and out of balance.
– Added suggestion, long fingers look amazing with differently coloured and set diamonds, channeled into a bigger stone and band. Go for the extravagant!

Engagement ring for Slim Fingers

You have to keep one thing in mind, if you have very slim fingers, you should avoid taking on big stones and too cluttered a band. It will make your hands look more slimmer. Instead go for small diamonds channeled into wider band, it will make your hand look less slim.
-You should look for marquise cut, if you have short and thin fingers. Marquise makes your finger look longer than is.
-A cushion cut diamond is perfect for your fingers, it is ideal for long and slim fingers. Too huge a stone and big band without the channel structure would make your hand overbearing.

Engagement ring for Big fingers

The big advice that we can give is that if you have big fingers, try and avoid narrow stones or rings- precisely rings that make your skin visible on either side.
– Emerald cut is your best cut, you can also look into rectangular cuts.
– Trinity rings are your ring type, the more the merrier for wide fingers. Small cuts and diamonds shall make your hand look more wider. Go for medium to slim bands however. The idea is that you need to acknowledge that
To avoid making your fingers look wider with your engagement ring, try to avoid narrow stones or rings that show skin on either side.

Engagement ring for Small Hands

Small hands have a key to the best diamond! With small hands, you should look for quality more than quantity. A better faceted diamond will look better in your hands than the clutter. It is generally assumed that you should be avoiding big stones and band, however the opposite is true. You should be looking into smaller carats, yes but a good quality clarity and color.
– A ring set (trinity or princess) with a small diamond at heart (princess cut, oval or rectangular shaped)
– -For band, go for thin to medium bands. They wouldn’t overbear your fingers and wouldnt make the stone look disbalanced.

Engagement ring for Big Hands

If you have big hands, this is your time to take a big and bold move. Do not go for something that looks tiny on you. You are big and you deserve a big stone. You can totally rock the halo effect on your ring.
-Clusters in a halo or channeled and Asscherr cuts are perfect for you. They should be big and bold cuts and you are good to go.
– Depending on the size and shape of the stone, a medium to wide band would be good for you.


This is going to be one of the biggest occasions of your life and make the best out of it. There should absolutely be no hindrance in your choices, make the best of it!

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