How to Clean Diamond Ring at Home?

How to Clean Diamond Ring at Home?

It is a regular world we live. Things get unclean and then you have to clean them to retrieve the sparkle. This is a similar thing with engagement rings, you have to regularly clean diamonds at home so they don’t lose their sparkle and dazzle. Afterall your engagement ring is one of the most important jewelleries in the house, ain’t it? Also, it is a matter of pride! so here is how to clean diamond ring at home.

Why you must know how to Clean Diamond Ring at Home?

Well, there are a few things as special as watching your engagement ring sparkle and dazzle in the light that shimmers outwards after it is cleaned fresh. A jeweller would polish it of course, but you must know you immediately take care of things by yourself.
You must know certain basics to clean your diamond rings at home, for obvious responsibility reasons.

Simplest way to diamond ring clean

If your ring is affected by some common cosmetics for instance, hairspray, lotion, makeup or perfume- a home clean good job bring bring back the sparkle in no time. The most efficient way to clean diamond rings is to soak your ring in a solution of warm water and dishwashing soap. Soak your ring for 20-40 minutes, brush your ring gently with a soft cotton cloth or a very soft toothbrush. Rinse in warm water and then if needed, repeat.

The idea is to use base in your cleaning process, you can very well use a shampoo or a body wash. You need to get rid of moisturizing elements from the ring, to make the ring moisture free. Moisture tends to leave a film on the ring which is what we are cleaning, so any kind of moisture in the cleaning is not advisable. For drying off your ring, use soft cotton cloth, do not at all use paper towels, they can actually scratch the diamond.

How to clean diamond ring at home?

Cleaning diamond rings at home is very easy if you do it regularly. However if you don’t, then your precious stone needs special professional attention every 3 months. The professional cleaning cleans out the stacked debris and moisture since months. It is not advisable to take matters into hand if you get it cleaned like in 6 months or so.

Vinegar for cleaning diamond rings

The most easiest way to clean white diamond ring is to dip it in a jar of vinegar and let it remain for 15-20 minutes. Keep agitating the jar in 3 minutes interval. Take out the ring and clean it with a soft cotton cloth or a gentle brush. You will witness the Day one sparkle in your ring!

You must be wondering how to clean the very delicate diamond solitaire ring at home?

Let me tell you that the vinegar process is the most easiest way to clean your diamond solitaire ring. Do not however use vinegar on your colored diamond rings.

Beer for cleaning diamond rings

Use lager (a light colored effervescent beer) while cleaning your jewellery at home. Take a cotton cloth, pour some beer into it and rub your diamond gently with the cloth. Rub it for 2-3 minutes and dip it in cool water thereafter. How to clean white gold diamond ring at home? This is the best way to go about. Your ring will be sparkly as before!

Windex for cleaning diamond rings

Windex is like magic for your ring! The wonder of windex is true for every engagement ring. So if you are married or going to get married, make sure you have a bottle of windex at your home. Just spurt some windex on a lint free cotton cloth and rub your ring with it. Rinse it with cold water and pat it dry. Your ring is dazzling again with the wonder of Windex!

Toothpaste for cleaning diamond rings

If you have a gold setting or gold band DO NOT USE toothpaste, toothpaste would discolor the gold yellow color of your ring. However if it is not gold, platinum or sterling silver- toothpaste is your best bet. Apply toothpaste on your ring and rub it gently with brush. Clean with cool water and pat it dry. Let the moisture leave and then keep it or wear it, according to your sparkling wishes!

Coca cola for cleaning diamond rings

Not many believe this, but coca cola can actually be real good in cleaning your ring. Buy a can of cola, take it out in a airtight container and make sure that not all the fizz is lost. Dip your ring and leave it overnight. Take your ring out and clean it with cool water. Pat it dry with a clean cotton cloth and make sure to avoid paper towels, tissue sheets. The paper can leave a clean cut on your stone.

How often should I clean my rings?

If you want your ring like the sparkle it was on the very first day, try cleaning it once a week. If you are the lazy sorts that thinks of cleaning twice a year, it would be better if you get it done with the jeweler. It is because there would be an immense debris on your ring. If you are very active outdoors, you must make it a habit to clean your ring at least once a month if not every week. The thin film the forms on the diamond might obstruct its lustre and metal health.

What not to use for the cleaning of your engagement ring?

It is advisable not to use any general cleaning property material for your ring like acetone, bleach and chlorine. Abrasive products like toothpaste, baking soda, washing powder should by law (it should become a law) should not be used to clean your jewellery especially. Toothpaste could be used to clean diamond jewellery yes, but the paste should be very fine in texture. You shouldn’t be using ultrasonic jewellery cleaners at home. Do not keep your diamond jewellery with lazy luxury, keep a keen tab on your stone to make sure that forever actually is forever and not just for the moment.

When we say a diamond is timeless, we mean that the diamond is for forever and timeless until there is a rugged use. Improper care does not amount to the dazzle that a diamond is.

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