How to match engagement rings and wedding band sets?

How to match engagement rings and wedding band sets?

For a would be couple the dream of engagement and marriage is something that they want to cherish all their life. That is why the bride deserves everything best, and so we are here to make your life a little easier! In this article we are going to share how to match the engagement rings and the wedding band sets.

In this article we will be talking about different options available in the match making of the engagement ring and the wedding band. Here are some important pointers to keep in mind before getting into the intricacies of matching engagement rings and wedding band sets.

Pointers for wearing engagement rings and wedding band sets

  • Ring Regulation: You need to be specific about what exactly do you need. How much of your finger width do you want to spare for your finger? You want two separate ring structure or you want them conjoined? Which one of the ring would you want to make thick or slim? You have to address all of these queries before getting into the messy business of detailing the prospects of your ring selection!
  • Design Regulation:– Simple or too much, which is your call? If you are a fan of simple stuffs, get on with it and dive for a simpler polish platinum band with a diamond stud on top of it. If you like the mess, well perhaps eternity, infinity, designer rings would do you good.
  • Need Regulation: How do you want your ring to be? Do you want it flashy or do you want it to hide away? It should be little or huge, whatever works for you!

You need to think about the kind of ring you would prefer for a lifetime, it is not about a one day event- it is kind of about eternity!

Let us now find out the various kinds of options available for your tactical benefits!

Wearing How to match engagement rings and wedding band sets

Wearing engagement rings and wedding band sets

Perfect Match of Engagement rings and wedding band sets

Solitaire Engagement Ring with Diamond Wedding Band

With one solitaire diamond stud stable on the top and plain engagement ring, wedding band is made of many small diamonds in a similar pattern. This is the most simplest of match between your engagement ring and wedding band.

Plain Engagement Ring with Diamond Wedding Band

This diamond is a plain diamond with no solitaire value. It is in an oval shape which shall make your fingers look slim and gives a shape value to hands. You can get an infinity wedding band with it or stick to small stud diamond wedding band.

Wedding Band to go with Oval Engagement Ring

When you have an oval engagement ring, make sure you do not buy a huge wedding band. Make a wedding band that compliments or caps your engagement ring. Build a shape of plain ring that looks like an added part for your engagement ring.

Custom Made Wedding Bands to fit Engagement Ring

Too big and beautiful, your engagement ring? Want a wedding band that customises the better cap for your love ring? Well, it is quite possible. You can always add a custom wedding band to fit your engagement ring.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring with Round Wedding Band

More than 50 chevron shaped facets make a Princess Diamond! A very popular choice among the passionate, princess diamond has a plain band with a diamond on top. You can match your wedding band to be the engagement band and retain the sleek effect.

Thick Engagement Ring Thin Wedding Band

This is kind of a given. If you have a thick engagement band never go for a thick wedding band at any case. The mix will look like a big misfit in your hands! Always go for a designer version where you can easily incorporate any design of your choice and the second band make it plain!

Wedding Bands for Odd Shaped Engagement Rings

If you have an odd shaped engagement ring then make your wedding band of the same half size cut to fit the oddness of the engagement ring. Add the wedding band as the cap to the engagement ring and match the designs.

Disney Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Check out this Jasmine Ring on with the magic of Disney. Disney has its own collection of princess diamond rings. What do we say, a royal ring is afterall a royal ring.You can always customise one like a princess ring for yourself!

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Now that is what you would call a royal ring! The ring contains a blue sapphire ring that belonged to Princess Diana. The sapphire in between is surrounded by 12 carat solitaire diamonds. You can totally walk on the same lines!

Sapphire Engagement Rings with Wedding Band

A classic that can beat any engagement ring in fashion of brides. Single solitaire engagement ring with more than 50 facets and a wedding band with encrust circle of ring is the plain simple epitome of elegance!

Solitaire Engagement Ring with Infinity Wedding Band

For the types that love simple with a meaning, this ring type is the best type. You have the promise of a solitaire and the eternal arrangement with the infinity ring. You are in for an experience of timelessness!

Wedding Band for 3 Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The popular princess cut engagement ring made with a chevron 50 facet diamond comes with a marvel option of 3 princess cut studded diamonds. You shall receive the harmony of 3 diamonds on a single base.

Wedding Bands for Round Solitaire Engagement Ring

Pick the Classic!
With the elegance and luxury of a round solitaire depicting the beautiful journey of life with a simple diamond studded wedding band- what else do we call a symbol of simple love?

Best Wedding Band for Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut diamonds as you must have guessed are the diamonds cut in the versatile shape of emerald cutting process. It is one of the recent popular choices and makes yours fingers look slim too!

Platinum Engagement Ring with Gold Wedding Band

Well one very important option in the options from classic is this. Your engagement band with diamond studs in platinum complimenting your wedding band with diamond studs in gold. How is anybody going to get away with that?

Bypass Engagement Ring with Wedding Band

As the name suggests, Bypass Engagement rings are the types that criss cross each side’s way and sometimes don’t touch each side even. Wedding band of such rings should be kept plain and simple studs.

Channel Set Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

As you see in the picture, channel set studs are neatly arranged diamond studs in a circular channel of the band. You can make your engagement and wedding band one by adding the diamond in between the channels.

Infinity Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Muster the courage to make it one! Infinity ring as your engagement band and the solitaire fix from your wedding ring- the perfect match for elegant fingers. The Infinity Ring is channeled with with diamond studs.

Marquise Engagement Ring with Wedding Band

Oval Diamonds, marquise diamonds can be cut in the same number of facets as the round diamond so the speck of brilliance remains intact. Oval shaped diamond has more prospects in elegance, if you are looking for it- marquise is your choice!

Mismatched Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

As the name suggests, mismatched wedding bands and engagement ring are in fashion these days. Do not rest from the trends, stay upright alright! You can always put different designs like in the picture- Infinity band in the wedding ring and normal channeled solitaire in the engagement band!

Mixed Metal Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

You can mix and match two metals in your engagement and wedding band. If you make your engagement ring in platinum channeled in diamond studs; make your wedding band of gold and a single solitaire or channeled studs in the band.

Non Matching Wedding Band and Engagement Ring

As the name says, the apt non matching ring and band are in for the season. You can totally go rogue with the engagement ring and choose for a designer wedding band. Or you can choose different metals altogether. Seriously, there is no limit in this option!

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings with Wedding Bands

Wedding Band and Engagement Ring can be made into one so that there is not much a do. You can put marquise oval shape diamond and hinge it with a wedding band of small emerald cut diamond on both sides. There is so much you can do when you decide to stick both bands.

Twisted Engagement Ring with Wedding Band

Twisted here does not in any way means that it has to be outright too much twisted, you can choose a criss cross engagement ring with a solitaire diamond in the centre. The wedding band could be in the shape of outline of the engagement ring or a simple channelled stud.

Verragio Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Verragio is a designer of diamonds known for its intricate work. Verragio Diamonds and jewellery are an intricate piece of artwork that is inspired from worldwide- there different collections make them even more of a dream diamond channel. You can always look into Verragio diamond lace and studs for your engagement ring and wedding band options!

Wedding Band to fit Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement ring is the one with the diamond of marquise, round or oval outward shaped. A wedding band to compliment such an engagement ring should be in a shape of a cap or halo to the diamond.

White Gold Engagement Ring with Rose Gold Wedding Band

Engagement rings made of white gold and a single diamond look just a best would look. Platinum they say completes the charisma of diamond. The wedding band should be made of rose gold metal and then you are good to go!

White Gold Engagement Ring with Yellow Gold Wedding Band

White Gold is one of the most elegant metal textures available out there. Make it solitaire diamond in engagement ring and channeled studs on gold for your wedding band and you are good to go!

Engagement Rins and Wedding Band set Rules

The rules remain as that on the day of marriage, the engagement band is to be shifted on the third finger or the ring finger of the left hand. The Wedding band should remain close to your heart and thus should be placed before the engagement ring.

In India, you must wear both rings on the right hand as the left hand is considered inauspicious for women. Men on the other hand wear the rings on the left hand.

You are there, good to go with these many options- choose what you feel is the best for you!

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