How to pick the perfect engagement ring for her finger?

How to pick the perfect engagement ring for her finger?

Rings hold a very special place in our hearts as well as fingers. These finger accessories are known to enhance your style statement, giving you a flattery look. Mainly, lovers are known to express their love for each other by gifting engagement rings as a promise to be together for a lifetime. That is why they look for the perfect engagement rings.

The significance of engagement rings is such that the ring finger where one flaunts this ring is known to be linked straight to the heart. And while you’re choosing the perfect engagement ring for your sweetheart, you need to keep a few things in mind that will help you make a better choice.

Finding the perfect engagement ring for her finger:

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for her is more like choosing the right dress that will suit her body type. With this, we mean that before you say ‘I Do’, you need to pick an engagement ring that will match with her hand size and finger shape.

Careful consideration of your beloved’s fingers will help you select a diamond ring as special as an individual they are.

Doing this will help you get a better idea about the shape of the diamond you need to pick for her. So here’s a guide that will help you choose the best engagement ring for her.

Engagement ring for long, slender fingers:

If your lady has long slender fingers then you can go all out because this hand type accommodates many shape diamonds. But what you definitely need to do is choose a style that doesn’t overpower them. Smaller stones with thick bands or round and princess cut diamonds suit best on long, slender fingers. Round, cushion and oval diamonds are very flattering for this finger type. Long, slender fingers look amazing with colourful diamonds and gems.

Engagement ring for Long, thick fingers:

Long, thick fingers deserve big diamonds. For this finger type, you can opt for a single stone, a halo ring or even a wide shoulder ring. A marquise shape diamond will make the finger look slim, but will also elongate its length. A bold statement ring or asymmetrical design is the best for this finger type. Ideally, you should go with a ring will not cover the entire section of the finger and will give an even look to the whole hand. You can also opt for a ring with coloured gemstones for longer fingers.

Engagement ring for Short fingers:

You can opt for an engagement ring style that will help your lady’s short fingers look elongated, no matter what the width is. Opting for oval, pear or marquise helps lengthen the appearance of a short finger. Narrow-width bands or rectangular emerald stones can extend the look of this finger type. Keep the design of the simple as opting for a bigger design can be distracting and can overbear her petite fingers. Don’t opt for large statement rings and thick bands.

Engagement ring for Short, plump fingers:

For a lady with short, plump fingers don’t buy a small ring as it will make her fingers look more plump and short. Instead, opt for a big band or multiple rings that cover at least one-third of the fingers first fold. Going with multiple bands can help you play with design and diamond shapes, but will definitely help you make her fingers look fuller. Oval or marquise stones are an apt choice for this finger type as they make the fingers look long and thin. You may also go with bands allured with dark gems. A princess cut solitaire also makes for a good choice.

Engagement ring for Short, slender fingers:

Understated, delicate design and small diamonds are the best choices for this finger type as they don’t overpower the short, slim fingers and create a sophisticated look. You can go with round, cushion or oval diamonds as they look absolutely flattering. For this finger type, a cutout design is the best solution. Stay away from wide bands, huge statement rings or large solitaires.

Engagement ring for Wide or large fingers:

A woman with wide or large fingers has more room to carry hefty diamond shapes. The trick to finding a right ring for a wide finger is to know that you need to pick a ring style that doesn’t show any skin on either side as it would make the fingers look wider. You can opt for thicker bands, round stones in large setting, oval, marquise, rectangular or emerald shape stones. For a great look, do not go with small solitaires and thin bands as they make large hands look extra small.

Engagement ring for Big knuckles:

An engagement ring for big knuckles should be such that it would draw away attention from the middle finger. Opt for thicker, heavier bands or even a three stone ring that would add volume to the fingers and blend with the width of your fingers. Also, while choosing a ring for big knuckles, keep in mind that the ring should not just go with the fingers, but also draw attention to the hands.

Few engagement rings are suitable for every finger type. Round brilliant and princess cut diamonds remain an absolute favourite among the ring buyers today. However, always remember, your lady will flaunt the engagement ring for a lifetime and it will be a sign of your memories made together. So make sure you make the ring look distinctive and perfect by considering buying it keeping her finger type as it will weave a completely different magic altogether.

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