Which Rashi can wear Diamond?

Which Rashi can wear Diamond?

Diamond is one of the most preferred choices for people today. People who are looking to allure their attire with a jewellery piece that acts as a perfect eye candy always go for Diamonds. Though you may think that diamond is the perfect gemstone for you, but certainly it cannot be if you think as per the mystical and astrological beliefs associated with this gemstone. Such people always ask which rashi can wear diamond?

As diamonds are one of the most precious and expensive gemstones on earth, it’s better to first know if this gemstone suits you or not. More importantly as diamonds are used in engagement rings, it’s significant for you to be clear if this gemstone would suit your would-be wife or husband.


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Many people believe that wearing a diamond can either bring you bad luck or can invite the wrath of gods. It’s also believed that wearing a diamond can cause you financial loss, accident, divorce, etc.

Which rashi can wear diamond

Venus is the planet that is associated with diamond. It is said that all beautiful and luxurious things in life are ruled by venus. In a way, diamonds are said to control your destiny; but as per astrology diamond can have a malefic effect on your zodiac due to your venus/shukra graham.

Diamond for tula rashi (Libra):

For a Libra, wearing a diamond can be beneficial as it rules the 8th house that helps in enhancing your personality, property, wealth, knowledge, power, etc. The evil effect of Venus by Saturn, ketu and rahu can be neutralized by wearing a diamond.

Diamond for mesh rashi (Aries):

For an aries, wearing a diamond is not beneficial if the venus is in the 2nd or 7th house. Only if the venus is placed in Taurus and libra, its highly recommended to wear a diamond.

Diamond for varshik rashi (Taurus):

Diamond can prove to be spectacular for you if you are a Taurus ascendant involved in an art, hospitality, interior or beauty profession. It is said to bring you major success and prosperity. It is also good for your health, happiness and social well-being.

Diamond for mithun rashi (Gemini):

Diamond is highly beneficial for improving a Gemini’s general well-being. If venus in 5th or 12th house in your natal chart, then wearing a diamond brings you good memory, intelligence and confidence. For a mithun rashi, diamond can prove to be extra beneficial if worn with emerald stone.

Diamond for kark rashi (Cancer):

For kark rashi individuals, if the venus is in the 4th and 11th house then a diamond is not a beneficial stone to flaunt. If the planet venus is exalted in pisces, then a diamond can prove to be a good choice. At the same time, venus should be under the influence of mahadasha or antardasha. It is said that in such circumstances diamond can help you improve your overall well-being, ensure a healthy well-being for your mother and bring you good luck.

Diamond for sinh rashi (leo):

As per Vedic astrology, if the Venus is in the 3rd and 10th house in your natal chart, then a diamond is not a beneficial gemstone for you. It is only fruitful to wear a diamond if the venus is exalted in pisces. In such condition, this gemstone can bring you wealth and success professionally.

Diamond for kanya rashi (Virgo):

If Venus is in the lord of 2nd and 9th house, then diamond is a highly effective gemstone for you. It can bring you good luck, money, fame and name in the society. It can help you ward off negative effects of rahu, ketu and Saturn. If worn along with emerald, diamond can prove to be an excellent choice for kanya rashi.

Diamond for vrushik rashi (Scorpio):

If the planet venus is in the house of 7th and 12th then scorpio natives are advisable not to wear a diamond. It is advisable for Scorpio ascendants to wear a diamond only during antardasha or mahadasha, if Venus is positioned in its own sign in libra and Taurus. For scorpions, a diamond can prove to be of great help in finding a suitable partner for life-only if it is worn during the period mentioned.

Diamond for dhanu rashi (Sagittarius):

For a person born with Sagittarius ascendant, diamond is not a good choice if the Venus is in the 6th and 10th house. Wearing a diamond can be good for this zodiac sign only if the is positioned in its own sign or exalted in Taurus, Libra and Pisces. Sagittarius can benefit a lot professionally and can also get rid of debt, chronic diseases and enmity.

Diamond for makar rashi (Capricorn):

For Capricorn natives, if the Venus planet rules your 5th and 9th house in the horoscope chart, then a diamond can prove to be a highly beneficial gemstone for you. A diamond can help you neutralize the negative effects of Saturn, ketu, rahu and mars. The Capricorn wearer can benefit more professionally and is highly effective for ones involved in business and in pursuing higher studies. If worn along with blue sapphire, diamond can be excellent for makar rashi.

Diamond for kumbh rashi (Aquarius):

For kumbh rashi people, a diamond can wave off malefic effect of mars, Saturn, rahu and ketu. For this zodiac sign, diamond can effectively neutralize the negative effect of Venus and can help you get good results during the mahadasha and antardasha period. When used with blue sapphire, it is highly recommendable to wear this gemstone.

Diamond for mean rashi (Pisces)

As per Vedic astrology, for Pisces natives, the use of a diamond is strictly prohibited. Native should wear a diamond only if Venus is positioned in 3rd or 8th house in its own sign.


Q1 Can I wear diamond according to Rashi?

Yes, it’s highly advisable to wear a diamond as per the rashi as not doing so can have a malefic effect on your life.

Q2 How is diamond for Tula rashi?

Diamond is highly beneficial for Tula rashi as it bestows good luck and prosperity.

Q3 Diamond is suitable for which rashi? Can mesh rashi person wear diamond?

Diamond is not suitable mainly for rashis such as Aries, Pisces and Scorpio. People with mesh rashi can wear a diamond at certain time and under certain conditions.

Q4 Diamond is not good for which rashi?

Diamond is not good for mesh, kumbh and mean rashi.

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    visakha Nakshitri of 3rd foot can wear a diamond.

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    My daughter Lakshita is mesh rashi Bharani nachatrima can she wear daimond earring.
    Please advise

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    Can a male child at the age of two Dhanush rasi ,pooraadam star wear diamond if yes what kind pl suggest n

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